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Who Are We?

We are one of the most innovative, creative, and researching pool of minds gathered for a common goal. The aim of the team is to transform the system of education in line & length of new education guidelines. No doubt with little faster than competitors just to be in the market better than others. The team tries and brings the dreams of Y & Z generation in reality. Child psychology for learning, the pedagogy of MoE and the most vital operations required by our education system is Experiential Learning. We, with guarantee are inculcating this instinct in K-12 students, which students are enjoying at their best.

Why Us?

Pioneers in Segment

We are an education vertical of a technology driven company, ITL who are pioneers in providing Artificial Intelligence and IoT based solutions to corporate and government bodies. With robotics, AI, ML and other in-demand technologies, Intelli Tinkering delivers solutions to new-age problems.By integrating these hot-selling technologies with learning, we aspire for education to take a much-needed turn towards acquiring a globally demanded skill set.

At Intelli Tinkering, we combine education and technology for students to have a technical aptitude along with logical skills. We promote and encourage the newly thriving skills to be embedded into the education curriculum

Driving Innovations

We are proactively involved in research and development in the field of introducing technology into Primary and Secondary Education(K12). It is said, modern problems require modern solutions, building upon that we nurture young minds to have an analytical and solution-oriented approach for the problems. When young and fertile minds are fed with the right direction and data, they bloom with productivity and purpose, we aim to embed these skills of creativity, innovations and excellence in students.

Best Teachers

We provide engaging sessions for kids with academia and industry leading mentors. It is believed, how a student succeeds is majorly determined by the teachers they come across. At Intelli Tinkering, we have sessions led by industry maestros. The trainers of our organization have more than a decade of experience and expertise in the field they are training. The training is enriched with their experience as well as understanding of modern technologies and requirements

World class Curriculum and Innovative Pedagogy

We conduct Hackathons and Makeathons for kids on various platforms, National and International also, kids are actively engaged in organized Webinars(pros of Online Coding Courses), Talk Shows(Learn to Code) and Panel Discussion by experts.

At Intelli Tinkering, we don't just educate lessons, but build teamwork and most importantly, exposure in students. They learn and compete with students all around the country and even globally. When they are exposed to global competitions and innovate learning methodologies, they excel and think on the wider picture.


It’s time for a smooth, sleek launch & concurring the world.

Core Values

Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    To provide the holistic AI learnings solutions to the schools those carter to various levels of involvement from student centric classroom implementation. The AI powered by STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) to resource expansion through incessant development programs.

  • Mission

    To inculcate creativity & innovation in the K12 students around the globe to be ready for AI revolution through educational solutions.

    To revolutionize the perception of education for K12 students globally by embedding AI solutions, IoT, ML and trending technologies

    To bring out the best AI knowledge to X & Y generation backed by comprehensive AI researchers and innovators.

Gamut of Services

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Artificial Intelligence

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E-Learning Platform

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ATL Labs

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STEAM Education

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Online Learning

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Internet of Things(IoT)

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Teacher Training Programs

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Interaction with Mentor

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3D Design Thinking

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Our Program Benefits


Students learn designing and programing over open source platforms like Aurdino & GUI based platform. Developing algorithms skills, Logical Thinking skills and Coding skills.


Students learn in a fun way with Electronics and Software Platforms to code everyday applications and control them from anywhere using the power of internet.

Artificial Intelligence

To introduce students to AI we are using our unique methodologies like Block based coding, Python based interactions and web-based platforms, sensors interfacing with R-Pi etc. to develop applications which enable face recognition objects recognition and AI based ChatBots.

3D Printing & Designing

Students learn about design thinking and its implementation with a range of accessories from wheels gears motors etc. and through 3D Printing learn prototyping of any model and its working in structural form.

Learn Skill Enhancement




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